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VCSE Sector Health & Social Care Forum 2017


The VCSE sector in Wiltshire is a vibrant and diverse body of people and organisations doing fantastic work. The efforts of the sector brighten, strengthen and enrich the lives of thousands of people but in the current financially austere environment those in the sector who provide health and social care support to people often find themselves in a relationship with statutory providers of services.

This interaction in some cases is not as good as it could be and there is often a sense that the Sector is being ‘done unto’ rather being engaged as a partner in a common goal.

Around the UK some areas have overcome the ‘them and us’ problem by moving towards a relationship of co-production. Co-production is an equal relationship between people who use services and the people responsible for services. They work together, from design to delivery, sharing strategic decision-making about policies as well as decisions about the best way to deliver services.

At the 2017 VCSE Forum we would like to ask the question: “Why can’t it be like that here?’’

The forum, organised by the Wiltshire VCSE Strategic Engagement Group (SEG), will take place on: Friday 8th September - 9.30am to 2.00pm at the Corn Exchange in Devizes and includes a light lunch. 

Our guest speaker will be Clenton Farquharson MBEChair of Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) and National Lead on Co-Production. We will also be joined by Alison Eliott, Lead Transformation Consultant, Health and Social Care Wiltshire Council.

Register for the event:


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