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Community Led Planning

A community led plan is a plan or strategy for your town or parish. Community led plans help local communities to identify and evidence local needs and aspirations and give local a people a say (and an active role) in planning for their future.

Community Led Planning generally refers to parish or town plans but has also become an umbrella term covering a range of local planning tools including:

Parish or Town Plans

Parish or town plans can cover all issues of concern to local people including social, economic and environmental issues. 

A parish or town plan gives everyone a chance to have a say about the issues affecting the community and suggest actions they would like to see taken in the future.

Parish or town plans are non-statutory documents. The plan, when completed, highlights actions that can be taken by the community in partnership with the parish or town council. It can be used to influence service providers such as the Local Authority, and act as evidence of need when applying for funding.



Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood Plans focus on land use planning. They enable communities to identify where they would like new homes, shops and offices to be built, have their say on what those new buildings should look like and to grant planning permission for new buildings using Neighbourhood Development Orders.

Like all community led plans, they are based on the results of research and consultation using a variety of consultation methods that involve the whole community. Unlike Parish or Town Plans, Neighbourhood Plans are statutory documents and, once made, form part of the development plan for your area. For more information see: http://mycommunityrights.org.uk/

Village Design Statements

A Village or Town Design Statement (VDS) is a practical tool to help influence decisions on design and development.  A VDS will provide a clear statement of the character of a particular village or town against which planning applications may be assessed.  It is not about whether development should take place but about how development should be carried out to respect the local identity. For further information on village design statements in Wiltshire check out Wiltshire Council’s website here.

Community Area Plans

To find out more about Community Area Plans go to Wiltshire Council’s website here.

Help for Community Led Planning Groups

Click here to find out more about the range of help and advice we can offer to community led planning groups.