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The Hub Community Centre, Wilton- extensive energy retrofitting

Wilton Community Centre

This hall is a Victorian School that was converted in 1979. Users often complained about the poor facilities.

Initially an energy audit was carried out and £20,000 was raised supplemented by a legacy left specifically for the building.

The improvements included – 

  • new roof with 36 photo voltaic solar panels 
  • lowered ceilings with insulation 
  • low energy lighting 
  • new eco boiler and improved heating system 
  • complete toilet rebuild, automated water and lighting

The hall is running at about 95% capacity, and they estimate about 20,000 people each year use the hall and over 35 users groups. They are still able to keep the rental at £6.00 per hour and their income is above their expenditure. The expenditure for the PV panels will be paid off in 8 years, but these earn about £3K per year so it is a very good investment.

See the hall at the following websites



http://www.wiltshiregreendoors.org.uk/ophomes/home-1/ for more ‘green detail’.