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Broadband and Community Life

Its not just individuals and businesses that can benefit from fast broadband speeds. 

Here are some ways in which broadband can help the life of our communities: 

  • Showcase your community on a website that brings together events and local information for residents, visitors etc
  • Work on the move at a WiFi hot spot in a shop, café or public building
  • Read minutes of Parish & Town Councils on their websites
  • Some community buildings and village halls have WiFi or can provide broadband connection for hirers
  • E-newsletters and mailings save postage and printing for community groups
  • Keep in contact with your group members by email so that discussions continue between meetings
  • In civil emergencies such as flooding, send quick alerts via email, social media or posted on websites
  • Maintain easy links to other similar organisations
  • Build up a following for your online newsletter or blog
  • Find out what other communities are doing by searching online
  • Use online tools to easily arrange meetings, run consultations and polls and find out what people think about local issues
  • Share photos and film clips from community events and meetings in your community
  • Run an IT club for those wanting to learn about digital technology
  • Share documents ‘on the cloud’ for easy commenting and editing

 See our guide to social media tools by following this link.