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Macmillan Cancer Connections: You never know what you may find behind a closed door…

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Alex's Blog

As a community organiser it is normal for me to be faced with a door and never know what is behind it. More often than not it is a smiling face and an amazing life and behind this door is no exception. This is a door that leads to a group of volunteers who are fighting to stay supporting.
Every time I have walked into the Wessex Cancer Support Centre it is like coming home. Greeted by the smiles and laughter and friendly faces of volunteers and therapists who want to help people who have been affected by cancer
So what happens when the door threatens to close forever?
Finding out that the centre was closing has shocked me and anyone that follows this blog can see this. Suddenly upon hearing the news, I was hearing talk of it at lots of different meetings and I thought how great it was that I could hear people saying they wanted to fight with them to find alternative ways to continue offering support.
The only thing was: when I went to talk to the volunteers nobody had really told them that.
So off I went to see them all and try to capture their thoughts and feelings. It warmed my heart to know that they didn’t want to stop supporting and want to continue however they can.
We are now working to find solutions of how we can keep support going .  
Just because this door is closing doesn’t mean their support has to end.
Do you have a fond tale to tell of the support that these people have given? Or do you have ideas of how they could keep going beyond the closure of their centre?
Would you like to be involved in helping this group of volunteers?
Get in touch with me by emailing or call 01380 715892

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