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Macmillan Cancer Connections: Maggie’s Story

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Alex's Blog

Macmillan Cancer Connections is a new project that aims to understand how rural isolation can affect the experience and wellbeing of people living with cancer in Wiltshire. Funded by Macmillan Cancer Support and delivered by Community First the project aims to identify the challenges people can face in accessing support and develop sustainable community-based solutions.

Macmillan Community Development Coordinator Alex recently met the Link Coordinators at a network meeting in Market Lavington, to chat about her new role and what’s already out there in Wiltshire and Swindon for cancer support (and possibly what’s needed). At the network meeting, Alex met the lovely Maggie who shared her own cancer experience and kindly agreed to appear in this short film.

Maggie was really keen to share her experience with Alex including what she loved about her experience, what she would have changed and any advice for others experiencing cancer.

Her positivity and outlook on life is really inspiring  and she hopes to join the Cancer Connections Steering group as a result of speaking with Alex. Thank you Maggie!

If you have a personal story to share with others or you would like to talk to Macmillan Cancer Connections about your experience in confidence please contact:

Alex Neale
Macmillan Community Development Coordinator

Telephone: 01380 715892
Mobile: 07384 835319

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