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Macmillan Cancer Connections: Salisbury Cancer Support Centre

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Alex's Blog

I have been spending a bit of time in Salisbury at Salisbury Cancer Support Centre with their team of amazing volunteers.

This group offer free support to people who are going through cancer including their families. They offer Counselling, Reiki, Reflexology, massage and a friendly ear to listen to you. The centre is located on Bridge Street in Salisbury. The moment I walked in I was greeted with friendly smiles and a lovely cup of coffee.

While visiting the group and hearing about the amazing support that they give people it made me think of my family when my mum had cancer. What I really love about this place is that they offer support for the people who are supporting their loved ones.

I spoke to this lady about the centre….

It’s great to be hearing about the great services that are available in Wiltshire for people around cancer. If you’d like to get in touch with them call the number below. Such a friendly lot!

I am spending some time with the Clinical Nurse Specialists next week at Salisbury Hospital and actually ran into a few of them whilst at the centre. They are looking at how they can hear about patient experience and shape the future for others with the feedback and are giving out surveys around this.

I have been looking at how we at Macmillan and Community First can support this further and will be spending a bit more time over the coming months trying to develop a listening project to go into rural communities and hear what people think….

Salisbury Cancer Support Centre

Opening Times 
Tuesday and Thursday
10am – 3pm

Tel: 01722 421781 (01722 413959)

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