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Macmillan Cancer Connections: Volunteer Heroes

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Alex's Blog, News

This project has always been a developmental and organic one; one that Community First, Macmillan (and Myself) vowed would go without agenda and would support what the community wanted it to be.

The last two weeks has proved to me the importance of this in communities everywhere.

It has been inspiring to watch groups who support people every day around particular passions, needs and issues; having such quick organisation skills and changing their service to be able to accommodate people in this crisis.

I thought I would write a small update on some of the groups that I have worked with on this project; and what they are getting up to while the country is on lockdown…

Community Organisers Parks & Walcot Swindon

This group has continued to communicate through Facebook and Whatsapp. They have been looking at ways that they Can support the community and have been sharing guidance and fun ideas for things to do with the kids while they are at home. They posted out viral kindness posters around the community and are facilitating discussions on their Facebook page about what more can be done

If you have a connection to the Parks and Walcot area in Swindon why not get in touch to find out what they are up to on their Facebook Page: Community Organisers, Parks & Walcot

Salisbury Cancer Support

Salisbury Drop in has been temporarily postponed but have moved to Facebook to keep conversations and support going. Lots of friendly discussions and fun ideas being shared. Support calls also available.

They continue to reach out to people including Rachel speaking on BBC Wilts Radio last week

If you’d like to join the conversation check out their Facebook page



Corsham Community Club

Karen and Mandy have now found themselves self-isolating but are using this time to finish off funding applications so that they can start planning trips out for when this is all over.

Their aim is to get more funding for a minibus that can be used to pick up more people that are isolated and link them up with others. They are also still offering phone calls and chats.

If you would like them to get in touch with You, please contact Karen on;


Don’t forget; these people and more are still connecting up as a network to share their experiences any ideas across the county and beyond. If you’d like to be a part of this Network please contact me on

I am keeping in touch with lots of volunteers and groups and continue to be amazed at the strength and positivity that they are continuing to spread; not to mention the fact that they are all still volunteering.

You are our heroes!

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