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Macmillan Cancer Connections: Volunteering through COVID-19

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Alex's Blog, News

How do we continue to reach the isolated and vulnerable in this uncertain time?

This week I caught up with Community First’s Volunteer Community Organiser, Stevie.

Stevie lives in Bradenstoke, near Lyneham and has been looking at ways to try and keep the older generation from feeling more isolated at this uncertain time.

Stevie and Mandy have been circulating quizzes by posting it through people’s doors and connecting them up with someone else (via phone) to share their answers. This has encouraged people to chat to each other and has also brought a little variety to COVID-19 life.

Like so many others in communities, Stevie has been offering support by collecting shopping, prescriptions and other essentials for a few people; and regularly rings people for a chat.

Prior to the lockdown people in the village worked quickly to ensure that people that they knew of that may usually need support; were connected up or had someone close by that could look in on them and help if required. The local pub in Bradenstoke started to offer meals and created a basic shop; offering a delivery service for both to try and support the community.

With VE day approaching Stevie and Mandy felt that they wanted to do a few things to keep people motivated and active at this time. With the next quiz and crossword puzzle that they post they are designing a leaflet to invite people in the community to get involved in the following;

  • To write a short article that describes a military, childhood, homelife experience
  • To crochet or design triangles or squares

The articles will be organised into a booklet that can be shared amongst the community and they have spoken with the local brownie group to get them involved so that there will be a range of age groups participating.

The triangles and squares will be used to form bunting that can be displayed in people’s windows to celebrate VE day (Friday 8th May).

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