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Community First Gets Lippy in Support of National Campaign

by | May 17, 2019 | Alex's Blog, Community Development, News

#GetLippy is a campaign from charity The Eve Appeal, designed to help people talk openly about gynaecological health. It aims to get people talking and to ask the questions some of us may find hard to talk about – and of course to raise some money too.

This campaign looks to provide women with the right information and also with the confidence to talk clearly to their Drs about their anatomy and their symptoms… this then hopefully leading to better diagnosis INCLUDING the five Gynaecological cancers

Several retailers have got involved with this campaign and are selling products that will see 10% of the sales going to help the research into the prevention of gynae cancers… selling products from lip balms to breast pumps!

The Eve appeal is also encouraging people to get involved on social media by ‘Blowing a kiss’ on Instagram. They want us to post our kiss with a hashtag #GETLIPPY and text 70577 to donate £5

There is also a Get Lippy Day today (May 17th) where people can wear loud lipstick and text to donate. We will also be holding a collection throughout May in the CF office

What we love about this campaign is that we feel it really supports a lot of the people that Macmillan Community Development Coordinator Alex has been listening to over the past 8 months.

There seems to be a real call to action around people needing to overcome stigmas or build confidence to go and talk to the Dr to attend their screening appointments.

Public health funded a project that has just come to an end that did a lot of research into why people aren’t getting their routine checks done and found the following and a few of the people that I have spoken to that do not attend screening are coming together in a few months to have a discussion group about the reasons why. Alex’s theory is that people’s choices are valid either way and it’s important that if the reasons behind those choices are things that can be changed then we should come together to take action around this.

Perhaps if we challenge ourselves to speak up more about our bodies and to have confidence in that – it would help us to be more in aware of symptoms and ways to help protect ourselves? Here are some of the people that Alex has been speaking to; and what they feel is important to them.

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