Community First is currently involved in the following partnerships:


The Wiltshire Compact is an agreement between local public sector bodies and organisations of the voluntary and community sector to support and improve partnership working between the sectors. It is also a model for relations between organisations in the same sector.

The Wiltshire Compact is therefore a series of commitments for members of each sector. It also contains a series of specific undertakings, and all taken together make a positive impact on both day-to-day partnership working in the county and support the delivery of "People, Places and Promises -The Wiltshire Community Plan 2011-2026".

Community First is a member of the Wiltshire Compact Board.

For more information contact:
Liz Creedy
01225 713086


The Repair Academy is a new social enterprise start up that seeks to create a self-sustaining and Wiltshire focused venture. For more information: pdfRepair_Academy_Information.pdf157.05 KB

Wiltshire Council - Area Boards - Community First regularly attends meetings of Wiltshire's Area Boards. They are a formal part of Wiltshire Council that try to find solutions for local issues. For further information, and to find out about your local Area Board - please visit:

Resilient Advice Service - working together to improve services across Wiltshire.

Action for Wiltshire - facilitates a co-ordinated approach to deal with the continued effects of the recession, to mitigate the impacts of the public sector cuts and to provide support for Wiltshire’s recovery.

Wiltshire Works - the partnership brings together agencies to tackling issues of worklessness across Wiltshire.

Provision for Vulnerable Young People - the partnership brings together agencies who can contribute the Education Reforms including Raising the Participation Age.

Wiltshire Carers Action group - partners working together to improve the lives of carers.

Wiltshire Money Partnership - working together to tackle issues of financial inclusion, debt and poverty.

NEET Reduction Partnership - working towards the reduction of young people Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) in Wiltshire.

Children and Families Voluntary Sector Forum Wiltshire Youth Services Council - giving voluntary sector organisations who work with children and young people a voice and a platform for collaborative working.

Our Place Devizes – the overall aim of the partnership is to ensure that there are fewer older people (65+) feel socially isolated or lonely in the Devizes Community Area Partnership.

As a partnership we want to explore how neighbourhoods can contribute to the well-being of local older people 65+ who are at risk of, or experiencing, loneliness and how community activities can play a central role to enhance an individual’s well-being.

Members of the partnership include: Community First, Wiltshire Council, Healthwatch Wiltshire, Age UK Wiltshire, CCG, Devizes Community Area Partnership (DCAP) and the Wiltshire and Swindon Users Network.