Youth Action Wiltshire

Youth Action Wiltshire is the national award winning ‘Youth Arm’ of Community First.

Youth Action Wiltshire

Youth Action Wiltshire is the national award winning ‘Youth Arm’ of Community First.

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We have been working with Wiltshire’s young people for 70 years. Our success has been built upon developing innovative, effective and exciting services and through the expertise of our friendly and dedicated team.

We are proud to provide:

Wiltshire Young Carers Service

Keeping young carers safe in their caring roles and equipping them for the future.


Providing positive activity programmes and one to one support for young people facing ‘challenges in their lives’, to increase confidence, self-esteem and skills.

Project Inspire

Supporting young people who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) to overcome barriers and progress.

Youth Club Support

Supporting the development of new youth clubs and working with youth and young leaders to ensure Wiltshire’s voluntary youth clubs are safe, interesting places to be.

Meet the Team

Head of Youth Action Wiltshire

I deliver training sessions across our youth projects and source new funding and developmental opportunities for Youth Action Wiltshire. It is a pleasure to work with the dedicated team that we possess and to provide support to the young people and volunteers that we are in contact with on a daily basis.

Tel: 01380 729 813

YAW Programmes Coordinator – Clubs Support & Youth Volunteering Lead

I lead our young people’s volunteering and personal development programmes. This involves working closely with a wide range of referral and delivery partners, supporting young people to create progression plans, delivering group work and mentoring sessions.

Tel: 01380 729 813

Youth Action Wiltshire Programme Co-ordinator, Wiltshire Young Carers Service Lead

My role is to ensure that our Wiltshire Young Carers Service runs effectively and successfully, providing all of the support that the amazing young carers that we work with need.

Tel: 01380 720 671

Young Carers Service Coordinator

I respond to new referrals and work individually with young carers and their families. I organise and run respite activities and provide accredited training, advocacy, transition support and mentoring.

Tel: 01380 720 671

Splash Programme & YAW Fundraising Co-ordinator

I co-ordinate our Splash positive activities programme and work closely with a wide range of partners to deliver our Splash offer. I also work with our Youth Action Wiltshire Committee to organise our annual programme of fundraising activities and events.

Tel: 01380 732 829

Splash Activity Support Worker

I lead a wide range of sessions and provide group work support to our Splash school holiday positive activity programme. I also provide mentoring for young people who attend Splash and our wider Youth Action Wiltshire projects.

Tel: 01380 732 829

Inspire Tutor & Support Worker

I support young people who are currently Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET). I work one to one with young people to help them develop action plans, lead training and personal development courses and support young people to gain the skills and qualifications they need to progress.

Tel: 01380 729 813

Splash Youth Support Worker

I provide 1:1 support and coaching for young victims of crime, to  help them cope and recover from their experience and I provide group work support to our Splash school holiday positive activity programme.

Tel: 01380 732829

Part-Time & Sessional Youth Support Workers

Part Time Youth Support Workers

Provides support to Holt Youth Club

Provides support to The Green Room Youth Club Box and our Wiltshire youth club support programme.

Provides support to Holt Youth Club

Provides support to Old Sarum Youth Club and our Splash Programme

Sessional Youth Support Workers

Steve, Sharon, Kerry, Caroline, Sophie, Simone, and Becky


Josh, Patrick, Jane, Andy, Chris, Matt, John, Nicky, Steve, Phillip, Grace and Naomi

YAW Committee Members

Piers Dibben (Chair), Ginnie Keen, Joss Dalrymple, Peter Duke, Rebecca Worsley, Simon Bonham, Steve Boocock

Young Leaders & Ambassadors



Young Leaders

Casey, Phoebe, Madison, Jaret, Robyn, Tia, Spencer, Jack, Bronwen, Chad, Emma, Emily, Jess, Lewis, Alanna, Scarlett, Josh, Kaitlyn.

Our Funders

Our Partners

We would also like to acknowledge the support of the following funders and supporters not listed above:

Andrew Sells Trust
Brewster Maude Charitable Trust
Bulford Beeches Community Centre
Chalenor Lodge
Devizes Lions
EAP Sells 2007 Trust
Fred & Marjorie Sainsbury Charitable Trust
Friends of Splash
Friends of Youth Action Wiltshire
Galanthus Trust
Henry C Hoare Charitable Trust
Hon Mary A Morrison Charitable Settlement
James Weir Foundation
JH King Charity
Julius Silman Charitable Trust
Lansdowne Lodge
Melksham town Council
Pewsey Vale School
St Marys Calne
Tesco Bags of Life
The Ashendene Trust
The Finlay Foundation
The Fulmer Charitable Trust
The Inchcape Foundation
The Lions Club of Bradford on Avon
The Lions Club of Chippenham
The Lions Club of Devizes
The Seend Singers
Tidworth and Amesbury LYN’s
Tidworth Town Council
Trowbridge College
Trowbridge Town Trust
Verdon-Smith Family Charitable Trust
Wellington Academy
Wilton Middle School Education Trust
Witherington Farm
Smith and Williamson

We would also like to acknowledge the support of the following partners not listed above:

Hazel Hill Wood
Hugo Halkes Charitable Trust
Creative Wiltshire

“I have really struggled the past year with my mental health, but being chosen to become an Ambassador with Youth Action Wiltshire has helped me feel that I can make a positive difference to young people that are going through similar things as me. I now know what I want to do with my life.”

A Young Person

Youth Action Wiltshire

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