Evolving Communities Website Design

Evolving Communities Website Design

Website Design & Development

In 2016 Bold completed a successful website design project for Healthwatch Wiltshire, this design was later rolled out to two additional local Healthwatch services. The website featured a bespoke Volunteer Portal and login area and was a significant driver of increased involvement and participation by volunteers.

Over time, Healthwatch Wiltshire had evolved to deliver services in Somerset and Gloucestershire, as well as launching an independent health and social care research, evaluation and engagement service. The new parent company Evolving Communities CIC, commissioned Bold to develop a new visual identity and website for the organisation to support and promote growth in the consultancy business.

The brief was to create a visual identity which worked alongside the Healthwatch brand (but without replicating it). Bold created a new logo and visual identity guidelines. Bold is also working with Evolving Communities to design and develop a new website which launched in Spring 2018. The new website features a modern, contemporary, grid designed to take the visitor on a journey through services, testimonials and the expertise of the research team.

Evolving Communities Website

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