Wiltshire Link Schemes Good Practice Guide

About the Link Scheme Good Practice Guide

This Guide has been produced by Community First. It is intended to be used by Wiltshire Link Schemes both in the set up phase and as an on-going reference. It is based on the experience of the Link Schemes themselves, current legislation, and advice from a number of agencies.

Please note this Good Practice Guide is for guidance only. Each Link Scheme must review and amend documents, information, processes and policies to match their circumstances and needs.

The Wiltshire Link Schemes Good Practice Guide is available to view and download below. The document has been presented as a series of individual guides along with an annex. 

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that information is accurate, this document is for guidance only and there is no assurance that it is a full statement of law. We do hope you find it useful, but no legal liability can be accepted by Community First or its employees.

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Good Practice Guide: Annex Documents

Please note: With the exception of the SAGE Application Form, all of the documents in the table below are designed to be opened in Microsoft Word. If you do not have Microsoft Word, you can download a free tool called Open Office which will also allow you to open and edit these template documents. The documents will not open in the browser window, please check your downloads folder. 

Open Office

Download the free tool Open Office to open these documents if you do not have Microsoft Word on your computer

Guidelines - DriversGuidelines for Link volunteer driversGuidelinesDownload
Guidelines - Gift Aid FlowchartA flowchart from HMRC/Government showing the process for claiming gift aid for the main and small donations schemes.GuidelinesDownload
Guidelines - Home VisitsGuidelines for Link volunteers undertaking home visits with clientsGuidelinesDownload
Guidelines - Health Related JourneysGuidance for Link Schemes undertaking health related journeysGuidelinesDownload
Guidelines - Hospital Parking (for Administrators)Guidance for Link Scheme Administrators on hospital parking (updated January 2024)GuidelinesDownload
Guidelines - Hospital Parking (for Volunteers)Guidance for volunteers on hospital parking (updated January 2024)GuidelinesDownload
Guidelines - Safeguarding FlowchartWhat to do if you are concerned that a child or adult is being abusedGuidelinesDownload
Guidelines - Client Phone QuestionsSuggested questions for Link Coordinators to ask potential new clientsGuidelinesDownload
Guidelines - Safer Recruitment PrinciplesGuidance on how to safely recruit Link Scheme volunteersGuidelinesDownload
Guidance - Complaints ProcedureWiltshire Link Schemes Complaints GuidanceGuidance TemplatesDownload
Guidance - DonationsWiltshire Link Schemes Donations GuidanceGuidance TemplatesDownload
Guidance - Eligibility CriteriaWiltshire Link Schemes Eligibility CriteriaGuidance TemplatesDownload
Guidance - Equal Opportunities StatementWiltshire Link Schemes Equal Opportunities StatementGuidance TemplatesDownload
Guidance - Grievance ProcedureWiltshire Link Schemes Grievance Procedure GuidanceGuidance TemplatesDownload
Guidance - Handling Serious Illness or AccidentWiltshire Link Schemes guidance for handling serious illness or accident during tasks.Guidance TemplatesDownload
Templates - AccountsWiltshire Link Schemes sample accounts templateTemplatesDownload
Templates - Coordinator Application FormTemplate application form for the role of Link CoordinatorTemplatesDownload
Templates - Volunteers Application Form/PackTemplate application pack/form for Link Scheme volunteersTemplatesDownload
Templates - Annual Audit FormA template audit form for your Link Scheme (including Guidance Notes)TemplatesDownload
Templates - Budget TemplateSample budget for a new Link SchemeTemplatesDownload
Templates - Client welcome letterTemplate letter for new Link Scheme clientsTemplatesDownload
Templates - Coordinators AgreementWiltshire Link Schemes sample Link Coordinators agreementTemplatesDownload
Templates - DBS Update Service LetterAdvisory letter template for volunteers about the DBS Update ServiceTemplatesDownload
Templates - Drive Plus ApplicationDrive Plus assessment application formTemplatesDownload
Templates - Drive Plus LeafletInformation leaflet about the Drive Plus assessment schemeTemplatesDownload
Templates - Drivers letter to insurance companyA template letter for Link Scheme volunteers to send to their insurerTemplatesDownload
Templates - Gift Aid AcknowledgementTemplate Gift Aid acknowledgement form for clientsTemplatesDownload
Templates - Gift Aid DeclarationTemplate Gift Aid declaration form for Link SchemesTemplatesDownload
Templates - Induction Pack for CoordinatorsTemplate induction pack for Link Scheme Volunteer CoordinatorsTemplatesDownload
Templates - Induction Pack for General VolunteersTemplate induction pack for Link Scheme General VolunteersTemplatesDownload
Templates - Log Sheet for RequestsTemplate Link Scheme log sheet for client requestsTemplatesDownload
Templates - Model ConstitutionTemplate model constitution for a Link SchemeTemplatesDownload
Templates - Monthly Statistics FormLink Scheme template monthly Statistics Form – By journey and task typeTemplatesDownload
Operational Grant Application FormWiltshire Link Schemes - Annual grant application formTemplatesDownload
Templates - Reference RequestSample letter template for Link Schemes requesting a referenceTemplatesDownload
Templates - Risk Assessment TemplateRisk assessment template for Link SchemesTemplatesDownload
Small Grants Application FormWiltshire Link Schemes - Small grants application form (development, innovation and emergency)TemplatesDownload
Templates - Volunteer Expense SheetTemplate for Link Scheme Volunteer expensesTemplatesDownload
Templates - Volunteer Recruitment Record SheetWiltshire Link Scheme record sheet for volunteer recruitment activityTemplatesDownload