MiDAS Minibus Driver Training

Community First offers MiDAS Minibus Driver Training, a nationally recognised standard for drivers of minibuses that offers training for members of staff and volunteers to drive minbuses to ensure they transport adults and children safely.

MiDAS Minibus Driver Training

Community First offers MiDAS Minibus Driver Training, a nationally recognised standard for drivers of minibuses that offers training for members of staff and volunteers to drive minibuses to ensure they transport adults and children safely.

Minibus Driver Training 

MiDAS (Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme) is a membership-based scheme designed to enhance both driving and safety standards for drivers of minibuses. The scheme is governed by the Community Transport Association (CTA) who promote this nationally recognised standard for the assessment and training of minibus drivers.

What are the benefits of MiDAS training?

  • The Department of Education and Department for Transport highly recommend that all minibus drivers complete this training scheme
  • Some insurance companies offer lower premiums on completion of this training
  • Drivers gain more valuable experience and feel more confident in driving minibuses and will become more competent.

What does MiDAS training involve, how long does it take and where?

MiDAS consists of two elements: theory and practical and is completed within a day, (for the standard module) and will be delivered at your place of work, (unless other arrangements are agreed). ‘Accessible’ training is delivered over 2 days.

  • Theory;

Your MiDAS trainer will begin with a presentation which will cover all aspects of how to operate and manage a minibus safely. This will then be followed by a 30-minute multiple choice assessment which consists of 20 questions; drivers will be required to answer at least 16 of these correctly to pass their MiDAS theory test. Accessible training is a further theory test of 10 questions and a separate practical session held on a second day.

  • Practical;

The practical side of MiDAS will incorporate a driving skills training session and an assessment drive which will last just over an hour with the assessment taking 30 minutes.

The following will be included in the practical side of the training:

  • A demonstration drive by the assessor/trainer
  • An opportunity for the trainee to familiarise themselves with the vehicle
  • The opportunity for the trainee to ask questions and increase driving competence
  • An assessment of the trainee’s driving skills

On completion of the course and once the practical assessment drive and theory assessment are passed, the trainee will receive their MiDAS certificate which enables them to drive minibuses. This also enables them to drive minibuses belonging to other MiDAS organisations. The training is valid for 4 years, after which they will need to undertake MiDAS refresher training. If the trainee fails the practical assessment drive or the theory assessment, the instructor will advise the trainee on what the next steps are. There may be an opportunity for them to re-take their assessment(s).

Pass/Fail Criteria;

Drivers will fail practical assessment drives on the following basis:

  • By committing a major fault
  • By committing the same minor fault more than 3 times
  • Failing to conform to the style of driving set out by MiDAS (safe and eco driving)
  • Driving in a way which is considered dangerous or would cause passenger discomfort
  • Not satisfactorily completing a reversing manoeuvre after 3 attempts

Any driver who passes their theory assessment but fails their practical assessment drive will need to attend a driving skills training session and assessment drive on a separate day if this is deemed appropriate. In this instance, the theory assessment will remain valid. 

Who will be instructing you?

The training is delivered by Community First MiDAS Training Coordinator Martin Carter. Martin is a retired Police Advanced driver with over 35 years’ experience of driving minibuses. Martin has completed and passed the MiDAS Driver Assessor Trainers (DAT) course.

Additional benefits;

In addition to the basic MiDAS standard, the course includes both the theory and practical (driving) sessions advanced driving techniques to enhance the MiDAS ideals of Safe, Smooth and Economical driving. This makes the training more bespoke reflecting on Martin’s own experience and skills. Awareness of Dementia friends and Safeguarding are now also part of the MiDAS package.

MIDAS group sizes and costs;

A minimum of 3 drivers per booking. 

Prices per head (ex VAT) are;

  • Standard MiDAS induction – £125.00 weekdays
  • Accessible MiDAS induction – £165.00 weekdays
  • Standard MiDAS refresher – £105.00 weekdays
  • Accessible MiDAS refresher – £125.00 weekdays

If you would like any further information on MiDAS training, please contact Martin Carter via phone or e-mail:

Tel: 01380 722475
Mobile: 07803 954155


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