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Macmillan Cancer Connections: Corsham Community Club

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Alex's Blog, News

This week I would like to introduce Karen…

Karen is working in her community to set up a regular gathering for people that are isolated. This gathering provides activities, cake, a hot meal and even in some cases; transport.

It was lovely to go along to their meet up this week and to be introduced to some of the people that attend.

I especially enjoyed the warmth and welcoming smiles from those that were there. Big slices of cake and friendly chatter filled the room and it was also encouraging to see other people from support organisations such as Wiltshire Carers Support and Corsham Health and Wellbeing board there, to show support and link in with the community.

Karen has a really clear vision for this project; I really appreciated the way that she took time to sit down with the group and ask them how they would like it to be shaped moving forward. It was wonderful to hear the attendees speaking about how they would reach others to get them to come along, people that they knew might be struggling after difficult circumstances and need lifting a little with a friendly face and a coffee.

I observed the way that Karen listened to these people; she asked questions and reflected them back to them. There was discussion over the location of the lunch club and was this right for people? Was there somewhere better suited?

People like Jim really engaged in the discussion;

“We want this to continue; we will keep coming and encourage others to do the same; It’s something I truly look forward to”

The group even spoke about a local unused building that they could come together and take over as a community.

It really struck me how powerful it can be to bring people together. How powerful questions can ignite people to start new endeavours. And how wonderful this is when the people that are becoming motivated were; once, feeling isolated! This group will continue to meet and would welcome anyone new along.

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